KIPMOVIN Community


* Do you have any unwanted running shoes?
* Do you have any shoes that your kids have grown out of?


The KIPMOVIN elite team often travel through Hong Kong on their way to attending races across Asia. They never leave empty handed, taking suitcases full of shoes back to Kenya to distribute to children and up and coming athletes.

Contact if you can help.

Special thanks to The HIT ROOM Discovery Bay, and ESCAPADE SPORTS for being a
drop off location for used shoes.


Thomas began his running career barefoot, then in a pair of flip flops until someone gave him an over sized  pair of Reebok shoes, and he never looked back. Helping provide footwear to runners and children in Kenya is a passion for Thomas, and he and the KIPMOVIN team are dedicated to giving back to the community, both in Kenya and Hong Kong.
KIPMOVIN's Community Spirit

Donation to Ben Kende Foundation at the
2011 DB 10k Charity Run

Donation to SOS Lanka Action at the 2012 DB 10k Charity Run

Donation to Benji's Centre at the 2013 DB 10k Charity Run

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